The Author


Albanian author_(1933-1978)_

Gjergj Hasanaj was an Albanian author, an academic leader,and an elected community representative.
Gjergj Hasanaj authored the book “MALESORIKENDON” in 1971.

Mr. Hasanaj contributed largely in/to the establishment of  the school “GJERGJ KASTRIOTI-SKENDERBEU”
(pictured above) grades 1-8 in Triesh, as well as serving in the position of principal of the
aforementioned school.


Gjergj Hasanaj was the first Albanian from MALESIJA to write and publish a book. Gjergj Hasanaj
was also the firstAlbanian in MALESIJA to own an automobile.  Gjergj Hasanaj was married
to Shaqe Hasanaj, he was the father of four kids, three are still alive. He was educated in
Gjakove and Prishtina in Kosova as well as other professional development in Niksic in Montenegro.
Gjergj Hasanaj was a true academic professional leader, a kind, hospitable, and respectable man,
as well as a loving husband and father.

Gjergj Hasanaj worked tirelessly to help his fellow man/woman in need at anytime day or night.
Gjergj was always on the job working and wholeheartedly committed to leading,
guiding,advising,teaching, assisting, and helping the Albanian kids and students in the aforementioned
school as well as the adults to advance, improve, and better themselves to their highest potential
in academics, vocational, professional,  and other areas of endeavor.

Gjergj Hasanaj was generally speaking a well rounded, even-tempered, well meaning, and all around
a truly good human being that benefited all those came in contact with him, as anyone who knew him
can attest to the aforementioned.