About Me

I’m Gjergj Hasanaj’s first-born child and my name is Kola. Since I was a small child I remember watching my father
Gjergj sitting at a desk or table at home at all times of day and night when he was not at work; with his manual typewriter, recorder, pen/pencil and paper, pictures that he had taken, and stacks of pages of notes, not to mention all the many recordings of songs that had to be transcribed because they did not exist as a written document.

He had to go to the individual persons, many times traveling near and far to meet them in order to write down on paper a song or story/narrative that they would only be able to recite it from memory because the illiteracy rate was so high that mostly it was only through word-of-mouth that it was passed down the generations.
Gjergj put an endless amount of time, effort, and expense, into compiling and transcribing the content and completing the manuscript for publishing MALESORI KENDON.

It’s only in retrospect, after having experienced many of the hardships in life as a husband and father of small children, as well as the academic rigors involved in higher education, that I’m able to truly value all of the time, effort, sacrifice, and expense, that my father put into publishing MALESORI KENDON.

Considering, all of the aforementioned and much untold sacrifice that would be excessive to mention, I felt deeply indebted, compelled, and honored, to provide a platform for my father’s hard work to be viewed, read, enjoyed, and referenced by all those whom wish/will, especially for the Albanian Community that is from the Montenegro region of Malesia(Hot, Grud, Trijesh, Koja) and their descendents, many of which are from right here in the Metro Detroit Area, and also all around the world.


Respectfully, Kola Hasanaj